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Artist Chris Evans Gives Peek of New Work

In Art, Culture, Events on April 4, 2014 at 3:45 pm
Aurora artist Chris Evans will have new work on display at The Yetee Gallery during June's First Friday events.

Aurora artist Chris Evans will have new work on display at The Yetee Gallery during June’s First Friday events on June 6.

DTA – At April’s First Fridays in Downtown Aurora, local artist Chris Evans provides an exciting glimpse of an upcoming show that will feature all new work. Best Show Ever, Man will highlight the fantastic illustration style of Evans, who is well-known locally for his blind contour drawings.

Evans’ poster on display at The ArtBar (inside Two Brothers Roundhouse) reveals that the show is inspired by the films of Wes Anderson. Evans’ style is sure to emphasize the quirky characters and dream-like sets of Anderson’s films. Viewers will no doubt be transported to a beautifully clever world through the illustrations, and it will be anyone’s guess where the talented Evans will deliver us.

Best Show Ever, Man is on Friday, June 6 at The Yetee Gallery, 110 Cross St., Aurora. Evans most recently illustrated the cover of Downtown Auroran Magazine’s The Music Issue, currently available at local establishments throughout the Fox Valley.

The Music Issue

In Art, Culture, Music, People on March 8, 2014 at 9:20 pm

Art. Calendar. Comic. Recipe. Featuring 15 local musicians and bands. & More. The new issue is out!

Local musician Chad Watson illustrated by Chris Evans on the new issue of Downtown Auroran Magazine.

Local musician Chad Watson illustrated by Chris Evans on the new issue of Downtown Auroran Magazine. Click on the locations tab to find an issue near you.

Join us in an exploration of the local music scene as we introduce you to 15 local musicians and bands in the Fox Valley area.

From singer-songwriters to hip hop artists, see who is moving the local scene and bringing crowds to local stages. Featuring Etha, Max Benson, Greg Boerner, Andrea Dawn, John Papadolias, David Glynn, J.D. Klatt, Kevin Presbrey, Kevin Trudo, Noah Gabriel, Ben Thomas, Noah Gabriel and more.

Also featuring a music column by Chris Evans, a recipe by Kate Purl, an interview by Tony Scott and more!

Pick up an issue today. Click on the locations tab above for a list of local and independent establishments that carry our fine magazine.

Ask for it by name!

DTA Extra: Artist John Heinz by John Heinz

In Art, People on February 2, 2014 at 4:46 pm

We profile local artist John Heinz in the spring’s Music Issue out now. Here is an online-only supplement to the DTA Profile of Heinz.


By John Heinz

My art is about something. My childhood influence was Frederick Remington, the master of the noble horse. My father was in the old Army, the horse-powered artillery, and a family friend served in the pursuit of Villa in Mexico; he was an artist but devoted to landscapes. Dad was a staff artist on the Chicago Daily News; he took me to the Harding Museum in Chicago, where we saw Remington’s bronze figure group “Coming through the Rye.”

Maybe Remington influenced me in getting into the cavalry, the armored cavalry. There I met an artist who painted scores of horses to decorate the base signage. The Cold War draft was a valuable experience for me in the military pressure cooker; they put me in the medical corps, sent me to Germany, and let me alone to carve horses. I became a ship’s carpenter and art reference librarian, among a lot of things.

In the year 2000 I again answered my country’s call when the Beacon-News called for volunteers for a commission to aid an endangered downtown building;  the Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall (GAR), on Downer Place, near the river. GAR was built in 1868 by Civil War veterans. As I understand, the commission is to keep the spirit of the builders alive in the modern world.

I have painted over a dozen scenes of the unique building – itself a work of art. It is a modified octagon building, as is the Taj Mahal. The octagon plan was promoted in the nineteenth century by phrenologist Orson Fowler. It is fascinating to view the hall from overhead and consider it in relation to Fowler’s anatomy studies. But the fellows of 1868 were not mystics; some were artists, and the beauty of the original interior is still being researched. We know that the Grand Army guys wanted a place to talk out the events that they had survived. My art tries to show them letting off steam in their wonderful postwar world.


Maybe my best work is “Halloween,” with costumed people on the newly marketed bicycle in front of the GAR hall.  I suspect that they called it the GAR hall. It may owe a bit to Paul Newman/Butch Cassidy but mostly this painting is a tribute to Remington’s bronze “Coming through the Rye.”

My small work “Loie Fuller in the Dooryard” references the work done by exotic dancers in entertaining our troops. The interior view of the hall emphasizes the wall mural of General Thomas. He is a remarkable and very modern man. Though he came from Virginia, he had a vision of how great America could be – United – that fellow Virginian Robert E. Lee failed to grasp. Thomas never lost a battle, yet strove to hold down casualties, as Lee did not until the end. Thomas combined the new telegraph with his artillery to make a devastating system of surprises–a little bit like our drones. In his home his picture was turned to the wall, and he burned his official papers, but he should be better known.

My work is done in acrylic and aerosol. My drawings depend upon research and especially the pen and ink work of the little known master W. Taber. It would be fitting if my paintings could be kept together in Aurora. I owe a lot to Martine Stuckey and Carol Hegarty’s mentoring and Jo Fredell Higgin’s enabling, and Lisa Heinz’s everything.

Pick up the new issue now. Click on the locations tab above for a complete list of where to find Downtown Auroran Magazine.

Inside the Yetee: Outside the Gates

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Aurora, IL – Vintage apparel is huge these days. That’s what Charlie Zine was banking on when he held on to dozens of t-shirts from the late 1970s that he once sold outside of concert venues.

Zine, of Aurora, traveled all over during his college days selling bootleg shirts at concerts, like the Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin.

“We’d find out where the shows were, and then we’d have t-shirts printed for them,” Zine said.

The job paid some of his way through college, and he’s hoping that sales of the t-shirts on eBay will help to get his son through college as well. But before Zine puts the shirts up for sale, he is showing most of his collection at the Yetee Gallery for one night only on Friday, March 7.

Zine said the show will include t-shirts from tons of big-name bands that toured in the late ’70s and up through about 1981.

“It was a fun way to get through college, and if it helps two people through college, then that is just great,” he said.

Visit Yetee Gallery at 110 Cross St. on March 7, during First Fridays in Downtown Aurora, to see Zine’s bootleg t-shirt collection. Special edition shirts of the evening’s poster will be available for sale with proceeds benefiting Communities in Schools. The Kevin Trudo will perform a live concert during the evening.

The event is free and open to the public. For more information, visit Yetee Gallery on Facebook.

Save the date!

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